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Please read carefully before proceeding to the Registration Form

1: Setting up your membership: Your administrator must first create a unique user name and password in order to allow secure access to your company profile in future. Thereafter, please ensure compulsory fields are completed. There is an optional field relating to lawyer references. You have the potential to increase the number of times your firm is retained if you are able to include the details of two lawyer references(who may be from the same firm) in your company profile - please include contact names, telephone numbers and email if available. Alternatively, indicate that you are willing to provide testimonials upon request. You can choose to be listed in any number of categories, across three main headings - Medical, Non-Medical and Attorney Support. These are not mutually exclusive.

2: Editing your profile: The information supplied in the online form is uploaded directly to the Register and can be viewed online immediately.You can access your profile at will with your user name and password. If either are forgotten or lost, go to the relevant link on the Experts Login page. As can be seen, all profiles are full-page, and can display as much or as little information as you like. In addition, zip codes are always linked through Google Maps, pinpointing your company's location for site users.

3: If all is in order, we will register your company for a period of 12 calendar months following the date that payment was made. Thereafter, you will be able to update or modify the profile directly and instantly, without interference from X-Pro.

4: A photograph or company logo may be uploaded electronically with the form. Companies may also include their own web site and email details, and we will provide direct links to these in the profile. Up to 2 postal addresses may be included per profile.Details of any further addresses can be included elsewhere in the company profile, but please note that these will not link through Google Maps.

5: Selected Accreditations/Affiliations: Users of the site will be reassured by an expert's membership of an accreditation organization or professional body (American Medical Association, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, etc.). If your company experts are so accredited, please provide details within your company profile & we will include the appropriate logo(s) & link(s).

6: OUR POLICY: Updates received from existing experts are free, as is any advertising carried out on the company's behalf. We don't believe in simply providing a list, and we therefore have a proactive policy in promoting our experts which will involve regular contact with attorneys and circulation of our newsletter.

7: Articles / Writings: Once registered, you have the option to upload your experts' articles for inclusion in your company profile. If not in Acrobat (pdf.) format, we'll convert them for viewing by site users. There is no charge for the inclusion of articles. You may wish to upload your CV here too.

8: Sound: For a small annual supplemental fee, companies can include a short 'soundbite' which can be a very useful marketing tool, as well as allowing you to expand upon the company's skills and experience. Go to the sample profile to see (and hear) how this works. Please note that the sound clip in our sample was studio recorded. The quality of your clip depends on the source. We are not able to improve the quality of a clip with poor sound.

9: Video: X-Pro is the first online register worldwide to offer embedded video in experts' profiles. Web video is a hot topic on the Internet right now & we feel that many experts will take advantage of this exciting new facility. Click here to see what can be achieved with just a one minute clip. Film length must be a maximum of 1 minutes in duration (but we are flexible!) and is uploaded to us after registration. Completed clips featuring video and / or stills are ideal. Please remember that we're lawyers, not film makers, but we may be able to help you reduce longer footage into something that's a little more concise. There is no charge for this extra assistance - just email us for details. Please note that the sound clip in our sample was studio recorded. The quality of your clip depends on the source. We are not able to improve the quality of a clip with poor sound/film.

10: All companies are automatically subscribed to our "Callout" facility - go to our 'Contact/Help' page for further details. If you wish to opt out of "Callout", let us know and we will unsubscribe you.

11: Fees can only be paid in $US. Annual fees appear below:

Corporate Entry

Optional Soundbite or Video
Add $30

12: Payment can be made by using a credit or debit card through our secure server - fast, efficient and 100% safe. Please do not send a check - we do not accept them.

13: Your Membership: Once paid, fees are deemed non-returnable. When you initially make your payment an annual subscription is set up on the secure server. You can check your profile hit rate at any time online, so you can come to an informed decision as to whether X-Pro has given you value for money. If you do nothing the subscription will renew for another 12 months, otherwise you may cancel your subscription and the renewal will not take place. It is for this reason that experts must make a note of their renewal date. If members take advantage of a special offer extending their membership period beyond the usual 12 months, payments may be taken before the due date but we will ensure your membership is extended for the agreed period.

14: We reserve the right to remove experts from the Register if deemed appropriate by X-Pro.

15: A note about contact / help: X-Pro is able to offer a low subscription fee to experts because we don't employ a large staff - we simply don't have the overheads of our competitors. We are always available to help you but prefer to do so via email. In our experience it's a fast and efficient method of dealing with any queries you may have. If you require one to one telephone consultations, then X-Pro is not for you.

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