Individual Membership

Our standard terms and conditions for individual entries. An individual entry is appropriate when you wish the 'lead name' to be your own as opposed to a company or organization. You will also find a link to our Interactive Registration Form. Membership in this category is just $95 per year if you decide not to take up a video or sound option. X-Pro therefore not only offers more features than any other online register, we are also far and away the most cost effective, so why not click on the link below to find out more.

Individual Registration

Corporate Membership

If you work as part of a group of experts, or perhaps if you work alone but would like your company to be the 'lead name', then Corporate Membership is the way to go. Without taking sound or video option, membership in this category is just $130 per year. With no limit on expert numbers, this represents great value for money. Click below for further information on how to register.

Corporate Registration