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04/28/15: SCOTUS Blog: Today's legal arguments on Gay Marriage.

06/26/14: Riley v California SCOTUS ruling on police searches of digital devices.

06/11/14: Scialabba v De Osorio SCOTUS decision on underage immigrant visas.

04/28/15: t of Reversion Taxes on Pension Plan Funding by Victor Modugno, Actuary.

08/12/13: How to Value Airline Pilot Careers by Capt. Kit Darby

11/28/12: What Handwriting Experts Need To Know What Handwriting Experts Need To Know by Sheila Lowe:

06/08/15: Link: Justice Sharia style.

06/06/15: Link: Star Trek? No, its real 3D Forensics.

06/02/2015: Link: Forensic imagery nails Russian deception on MH17.