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Forensic Document Examination, Inc

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Professional Qualifications:
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Other Languages:
Katherine Koppenhaver has handled cases involving many foreign languages. Writing is graphic movement and document examiners are trained to recognize the subtle differences in graphic movement.
Dispute Resolution Skills
Retained as Consultant:
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Retained as Testifying Expert:
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Actual Testimony:
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Geographical Area of Work:
Maryland, Virginia, DC, USA and outside the USA
Types of case:

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1. How To Take Request Writing   (Link)
Expertise and Experience:
Katherine Koppenhaver has been a document examiner since 1983. She has an international clientele. She has testified as an expert in various courts throughout the United States and in Sweden and the Philippines. She has handled over 2800 cases in the past 30 years.
Her firm, Forensic Document Examiners, Inc handles all types of cases involving questioned documents, both large and small cases. She has been retained by insurance companies, Fortune 500 companies, public defenders, district attorneys, police departments and attorneys.
Katherine Koppenhaver was been board certified by the National Association of Document Examiners from 1986 to 2012 and by the Board of Forensic Document Examiners since 2004. She has started a new organization for document examiners entitled The Scientific Association for Forensic Examiners.
She is the author of The Attorneys Guide to Document Examination published by Quorum Books, Greenwood Publishers and Forensic Document Examination, Principles and Practice published by Humana Press She also wrote the Forensic Document Examination Interactive Training Program and has trained many examiners.
She conducts a weekly class via a virtual classroom for her students.
Lawyer References:
David Preller, Jr. 410-494-1494,
Cathleen Vitale 410-768-9300,
Marks Balette & Giessel 713-681-3070,
Steven Larson-Jackson 202-408-8180,
Additional references upon request

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