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Adaptive Consulting Adaptive Consulting
Mr James Keil is an experienced mediator and has experience in many varied complex contractrual relationships in many industries, including pre-design, design, and construction phases in transportation, transit, energy, environmental and other industies.
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  Goehlert, Dr Uwe Goehlert, Dr Uwe
Medical-legal and Insurance Review Services to individual lawyers, firms, Independent Review Organizations (IROs), Health Care Insurance Corporations and Peer Review Entities for over 15 years. Particular experience in Emergency and Urgent Care Medicine.
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Ingerman, Dr Peter Ingerman, Dr Peter
Fifty years experience in creating, debugging, analysing, and reverse-engineering software. Experience in mining data and correlating the results, evaluating disasters (fire, flood, etc.) involving computer equipment and pipe organs, and in examining the symbiosis among computers, humans, and systems.
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  Johnstone, Mr Michael Johnstone, Mr Michael
Over 30 years as an architect, completing over 700 projects from Honolulu to New York City at a value of at least $200 million. Golf Course Architect for over 23 years mostly in California. Golf Course Safety Consultant for errant golf balls, golf cart accidents and slip and fall conditions.
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Lowe, Ms Sheila Lowe, Ms Sheila
Forensic Document Examiner, Handwriting specialist. Court-qualified handwriting examiner since 1985. Qualified both in matters of handwriting authentication and personality assessment. Experience in a wide spectrum of cases related to handwriting. Proficiency tested through ST2AR Skill-Task Training & Assessment Research, Inc. Instructor at University of California, Riverside: Introduction to Forensic Handwriting Examination, a course for credit offered in the CSI certificate program through the Extension. Lectures to Bar Associations approved for CLE Published in numerous Bar Association magazines International clientele Published author.
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  Underdown, Mr Robert Underdown, Mr Robert
An established and experienced expert in all aspects of insurance, including acquisitions, bad faith, risk management, litigation management, coverage, statistical management and more.
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